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Water Purification

Brother’s Plumbing installs and services all water purification systems. The quality of your water is very important and we have the ability to make the quality of your water exactly what you want it to be. We will draw a water sample and install the correct filter/softener system to resolve your water problems. Our high quality filtration will remove even the worst water problems listed below.

Common Water Problems:

  • Bad Taste & Odor
  • Hardness/Calcium
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Odor)
  • Iron
  • Manganese (Clear, Black/Brown Staining)
  • Sediment

Uncommon Issues
  • Salt Intrusion
  • Bacteria
  • Organic Matter
  • Arsenic & Nitrate

Intergrated Canister systems

Canister filters are a budget friendly option to help reduce the effects of sediment, iron, manganese and even hard spots. With different variations in filters we have options to treat different kind of water issues, below are some of the benefits to our most popular Polyhault system.

ICS-SP Include:
  • Clarified water with sediment and particles down to 5 micron removed
  • Salt free water treatment
    • Save 30 bags of salt per year
  • Eco-friendly treatment
    • Save 10,000 gallons of waste water per year
  • Small size
    • 20 times smaller than typical salt softener
    • Does not take up valuable floor space – system hangs on the wall
  • Simple annual maintenance
    • Includes drain on filter housing for clean no spill easy filter changes
  • PolyHalt® soft water;
    • Easier cleaning and maintaining of home or business
    • Brighter, whiter, softer laundry
    • Soaps, shampoos, conditioners etc. will work better and you will use less
    • No slippery or slimy feeling
    • Low annual maintenance
  • Not subject to any regulations banning or restricting salt softeners


Filtration Systems

We service all kinds of filtration systems, and we offer free water testing with a service call to see if a water softener is needed or if an existing filtration system is working correctly.
If you have an existing softener or filter that may not be working give us a call and we can get your old filter up and running like new.
UV system — plumbing service in Sequim, WA
The UV system is made to strictly kill all
bacteria in the water to make it drinkable.